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Difference between Press Release and Guest Blog Post

Written By Manchun Pandit on Saturday, 6 October 2012 | 08:59

Difference between Press Release and Guest Blog Post
Press Release: - Press Release is an official information or statement issued to News papers or news publisher site show the information on a particular matter. It is better option for the company and product to introduce the news related product and company.

Guest blog post: - Guest blog post is a non official information about product, him self or any thinks about company, product and person. Reviews post on their blog site that is guest blog post.

Press release gives better back link for a news and site. Guest post is also given the better back link for a site and page. Press release is the official statement but guest post is non-official statement publish on the site. You can publish press release on the news paper but guest blog post on the site on the internet. Guest post is combinations of thought but press release is not thought on statement. User can’t claim against guest post but claim against press release.
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Google Webmaster Guidelines Get An Update

Written By Manchun Pandit on Wednesday, 3 October 2012 | 04:30

Remember when an update to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines was spotted prematurely, before Google pulled it back down? Well, Google has officially updated them now.
“Both our basic quality guidelines and many of our more specific articles (like those on links schemes or hidden text) have been reorganized and expanded to provide you with more information about how to create quality websites for both users and Google,” explains Google’s Search Quality team.
“The main message of our quality guidelines hasn’t changed: Focus on the user,” the team adds. “However, we’ve added more guidance and examples of behavior that you should avoid in order to keep your site in good standing with Google’s search results.”
This video is now at the top:
The guidelines are important for not only ensuring that you aren’t manually penalized by Google, but also that you don’t get hit by an algorithm update designed to enforce them (like Penguin). They’re also just good general rules to follow for SEO and user purposes.
The guidelines are still divided into design/content, technical and quality guidelines. Peruse the new guidelines here.
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