Pure Link Building strategies and techniques

Link building is the process to make a hyper link (Inbound Link) of your site to other site. Other site is support of your site that means your link is there so the site is supported your site. The code of hyper link is <A HREF="YOUR SITE URL">YOUR SITE KEYWORD</A> which means anchor text. Link building is the best process to rank in search engine and get extra traffic from other site
Three type of link building
1. One way
2. Two Way (Reciprocal Link)
3. Three Way
One way is the best way make a site rank in top on search engine.
How to do link building
Link Building strategies
1. The more techniques and strategies are following link see the cache date is imported in link building method. If site is not cache or site is going to panelize then create a problem for your site so that cache mean things.
2. Page rank is also more important your link get from 0 PR then it is not beneficial so that PR is need for link building. You get link from PR site then more benefit.
3. IP is also more important role if your link get from same IP then not benefit for your site. OBL (Out bound link) is also important like that your link are getting more
4. OBL then not getting benefit so that low OBL is best for link.
Link Building Plan
No Of Link Page Rank Price
10 1 USD 20.00
10 2 USD 30.00
10 3 USD 40.00
10 4 USD 60.00
10 5 USD 80.00
Link Perameter check
  • cache date Maximum 15 days
  • Not C class IP
  • Related Business

  • Permanent Link
  • Less Then 50 OBL
  • Good Anchor Text

  • Contectual Link Price

    No Of Link Page Rank Description Price
    5 1 200 USD 15.00
    5 2 200 USD 20.00
    5 3 200 USD 30.00

    Note - 50% paymnet starting of work and 50% payment compelete the work

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